How you handle your reproduction will affect how long it lasts.

Handle reproductions with extreme care to avoid kinks.

Ideally, wear gloves to keep skin oil and dirt off the print. The papers used for printing are coated with a special emulsion to encapsulate the inks. This emulsion will scratch if handled roughly

Always handle by the border, rather than touching the printed surface.

Reproductions should always be framed behind glass or placed in mattes in a protective box or album. When framing a quality paper reproduction, be sure to use a reputable framer who uses archival products that will assist in keeping your reproduction looking good for generations to come.

Museum glass costs more but will increase the longevity of your reproduction.

Use good quality conservation or museum mattes when framing. Never frame a paper reproduction directly behind glass - always use a matte to separate the print from the glass, allowing it to breath.

Hang your reproduction away from direct sunlight or lights that emit a lot of UV.

All a framed reproduction should ever need is dusting for the frame and cleaning the glass - your framer will advise you how to clean museum glass. Regular glass can be cleaned with any normal glass cleaner.