We are a mother and two sons who love art. We especially love to play with paint!

There are those that believe art can only ever be a hobby but we have a vision that forces us to sweep that belief aside. We would like to earn a living doing what we love. Why not? How great to wake up each morning excited about the day’s work ahead. How exciting for two boys to embrace that concept at such a young age.

Splatterings Art was born from excited conversations about what we could do with our art now that we are running out of wall space. As well as much encouragement from friends and family (thank you, you know who you are). As the name suggests, we do love to splatter our paint. No doubt you will notice this as you look through the gallery.

This website is a means to share our creations in the form of cards, prints and original work. Take a look around. We hope you find something that speaks to you - maybe even spark some of your own creativity.